About Heart at Work

We help individuals prepare for and find work they love and we’re committed to building Maine’s economy.

We offer a comprehensive array of career counseling and outplacement services tailored to each individual situation—a key feature of our firm. 

From establishing a career direction to creating a successful job search strategy that incorporates current best practices, we customize a path that leads to satisfying work for any life stage or level of employment. 

We offer a unique blend of skills and experiences with specific expertise in career development. 

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Barbara Babkirk, Founder

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Barbara has made it her life’s work to facilitate career transitions. 

A Master Career Counselor with an advanced degree in counseling, she often compares a person’s career path to the symbol of a labyrinth that has many turns, but always leads to the center. 

Her clients range from executives and artists to attorneys and entrepreneurs. They may have been laid off due to a company restructure, or, after decades in a particular career, they may want to explore different options for their second half of life. 

All have in common the desire to make a change and transition to a new chapter of their professional lives. 

Barbara has developed a particular expertise helping boomers transition from a primary career to their next life chapter.

Well established in the southern Maine business and non-profit communities, Barbara has been an active leader in the Maine Women’s Fund, a foundation benefiting women and girls in Maine and the Human Resources Association of Southern Maine, where she has held leadership roles.

With a French heritage, Barbara is passionate about all things French. She has led retreats in Provence and Paris, where participants traveled to Chartres to walk the famous labyrinth for inspiration and reflect on their life journeys.

Barbara lives and works in Portland with her husband, Doug. 

Contact Barbara for a conversation about how she can assist in your work transition: 207-775-6400 or

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David Lee, Career Coach

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David brings a diverse background and set of skills to his career coaching and consulting, including:

  • Expertise helping people have the “courageous conversations” they need to have—with themselves and with others.

  • Extensive experience developing behaviors that increase resilience and ability to face “change, challenge, and uncertainty”.

  • A passion for physical fitness and how it affects every aspect of how we “show up in life”, including aging well.

Much of David’s professional work—as well as his personal journey—has been focused on exploring these questions:

  1. What is the work you are meant to do?

  2. How do you bring your Best Self to work—and to life—each day?

  3. How do you create a “life ecosystem” that supports you being your Best Self and doing your best work?

He has a Masters in Counselor Education from the University of Maine. He serves as the practice interview coach at Heart At Work.

When he’s not doing the work he loves, David enjoys surfing, yoga, reading, spending time with friends, and playing with his little blind rescue dog Minnie.

Contact: or 207-571-9898

“Thank you, Heart At Work team for your time and consideration at our meetings. I can certainly see why you have been successful in your field. You made me feel valued and skillful with options for the future.”
— CP (Career Counseling client)