Career Counseling & Outplacement / Transition Services

We spend 1/3 of our life at work.

The team at Heart At Work Associates wants it to be the best 1/3 possible. A Maine-centric company, we offer an array of career counseling and customized outplacement services.

Our success rate is high: our clients secure jobs much more quickly than the national average.

What we’re best at:

  • Clients tell us that we listen, give them hope, optimism and an effective path forward. Our approach blends “compassion and attentive listening with strategy” and that our offering goes well beyond job search strategies to include ways to explore a transition to a new career or different area of the marketplace.
  • Heart At Work Associates offers a partnership with clients that includes practical approaches tailored to the needs of each individual and organization.
  • In addition, we offer the most current information and best practices in career counseling on job search strategies, including expert advice on LinkedIn profiles that accelerate a successful job search, and videoed practice interviews followed by a critique session with one or more of our career coaches.
  • We coach clients to concisely and effectively tell their story: verbally, virtually and in writing.

Specific services include:

Individual Career Counseling

The career counselors and coaches at Heart At Work Associates work compassionately and effectively with people who want to change some aspect of their work or explore a new career direction. Highly experienced and extensively educated in career counseling models and strategies, the career professionals at Heart At Work Associates are passionate about helping people explore possibilities, make good decisions and sustain healthy and satisfying work choices that go beyond work as a source of income.

Individuals may identify ways to make their current jobs more satisfying, embark on a new career path, or explore further education or training.

Our approach incorporates focused questions that reveal the heart of the matter combined with strategic actions that support individuals to:

  • Increase clarity about work needs, desires and intentions as they relate to current life stage priorities
  • Identify and change attitudes, behaviors and patterns that limit work satisfaction and success
  • Create an effective career transition strategy or imagine work options for their next phase
  • Identify work and education opportunities and requirements that will facilitate client goals and ambitions
  • Learn current and effective ways to secure work through strategic conversations and tapping community resources
  • Create professional work-related documents:  resumés and cover letters that get attention, the latest in creating a LinkedIn profile and using this social media channel effectively in a job search
  • Adjust to new work situations through professional development and mindful work performance
  • Build self-esteem and develop the ability to articulate accomplishments and/or negotiate an employment offer or raise

Our fees range from $150-$200 per hour session, and the work is typically short term (1-6 sessions).

To learn more about individual career counseling and outplacement services or to schedule an appointment in person or by phone with one of the Heart At Work Associates, contact Barbara at (207) 775-6400,

Outplacement Consulting, Transition and Accompanying Partner (Trailing Spouse) Services

Why Choose Heart At Work Associates?

  • Heart At Work Associates’ outplacement offerings are personal, hands-on, and tailored to the needs of each individual and organization, unlike most firms that use standardized approaches and rely on impersonal internet portals.
  • Only experienced career counselors/coaches deliver programs and one to one sessions, no matter the employee’s position in the company. All employer inquiries will be addressed within 24 hours.
  • We offer the most current information on effective job search strategies, including LinkedIn tutorials on how to create a winning profile and effectively use this social media channel to accelerate a job search strategy or raise the bar on your professional persona.
  • Videoed and critiqued practice interview sessions that dramatically improve clients’ presentation skills.
  • The team knows the Maine marketplace and the needs of local employers. We make important connections for clients that allow them to have the strategic conversations critical to securing the right position.

 Outplacement Support Services:

Option I. Half-day Group Workshop on Transitions & Job Search Essentials

(May include: managing emotions after a layoff, getting clear on a direction, effective job search strategies, resumé & interviewing, Q&A, plus customized workbooks)

Option II. Individual Career Counseling (including face-to-face, Emails and unlimited phone consults)

  • Individual career counseling that addresses the individual’s values, life stage, competencies/skills and interests to clarify career direction and options in the marketplace.
  • Administration of the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (personality assessment)
  • Resumé and cover letter coaching and document reviews including editing and design for optimal success.
  • LinkedIn tutorials that include creating a profile that gets attention and using the site to accelerate a job search or raise the bar on your professional persona.
  • Development of an effective job search strategy that includes coaching on initiating “strategic conversations” that have proven highly effective in identifying job leads and eventual employment.
  • Marketplace resources and information on job postings on the Internet and locally and personalized connections with our network of professionals.
  • Videoed practice interviews and critiques that can dramatically improve client’s skills and self awareness.
  • Coaching on salary and benefits negotiations.

Outplacement fees are negotiable and employers typically determine an outplacement package based on the employee’s tenure and role within the organization.

 The team includes professional career counselors and coaches with experience offering outplacement to an array of employers across a broad spectrum of industries.

Heart At Work Associates offers career counseling and outplacement services for your life stage in Portland, Maine and globally.

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