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Boomer Career Transitions

Barbara has years of experience and a keen understanding of baby boomers and how their increased life expectancy has impacted career choices and second half of life options. She knows what influences boomers as they consider work after retirement, including key motivators, priorities and life stage considerations.

These facts guide Barbara’s work with boomer clients:

  • Many boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are becoming  “working retirees, a new term that reflects a significant phenomenon impacting our work places. 

  • Four out of five baby boomers will continue working in some capacity after retiring from a primary career. 

  • With an average of 25 years devoted to a particular career area, many boomers want to explore new ways to contribute that will tap existing talents and skills, or require new training in a totally different sector of the marketplace.

  • Having been out of job search mode for many years, boomers often need guidance on current best practices for seeking new employment.

  • Most boomers are motivated by purpose before a paycheck.

  • They are committed to lifelong learning and want to learn at work.

  • Boomers want to make a difference and contribute their knowledge and expertise, but not necessarily in the same field or position they’ve held for many years.

  • They want to work, but on different terms than in their past career endeavors.

  • Flexibility of some kind at work is a top requirement for most boomers.

Recognizing that a shift in emphasis around work and career is imminent, Barbara invites her boomer clients to take a step back and reflect on this important next chapter.

Through thought-provoking questions and knowledge of key themes that may play out in this time of life, Barbara elicits her clients’ inner knowing and helps them articulate a vision and plan for what is next in their work lives.

Maine has the oldest population in the U.S. and 28% are boomers, Barbara created “The Boomer Institute” a unique program that matches experienced boomers with Maine employers as one strategy to address the talent gap.

Contact Barbara if you’d like to explore your “second act” after years in a particular profession, or to discuss options for the next phase of your life. barb@heartatworkassociates.com

“I just wanted to say I greatly appreciated the help I received from Barbara Babkirk and the Heart At Work Associates team. I was uncertain what I wanted to do next, if anything. Barbara helped me to see possibilities, put myself out there, and see what comes up. I am grateful for her expert help fine tuning my resume, writing a cover letter and updating my LinkedIn profile.Heart at Work conducted a taped mock interview with me and then we discussed areas that were good and areas to improve on. This was an enlightening and valuable exercise. In summary, both Barbara and the rest of the team were inviting and empowering and left me feeling vastly improved and prepared for my pursuit of employment.”
— DB (OP client to her former employer)