Will Spring Herald A New Beginning? by Barbara Babkirk

If so, then keep in mind that any transition calls for a significant level of trust. A fear of the unknown that’s inherent in any transition can take its toll even on the most courageous.

There’s just something about a blank slate of possibilities that prompts creative minds to conjure up lists of “what if” scenarios—most of which elicit fear.

Our clients consistently express nervousness about their career changes that is based entirely on what they fear will happen, as opposed to what they hope will occur. In some instances, that is because they want to feel prepared for the worse case scenario. But, the cost of this focus can hinder positive movement in the change process.

Any transition involves facing the unknown and that typically triggers anxiety. So what do you do instead of getting stressed out in a transition?

  • While you may believe that your negative projection into the future is necessary to feel prepared for anything that might occur, it actually works against you. 

  • This often spontaneous and habitual thought process is a waste of time, energy and attention because it is likely to interrupt your momentum or stop you in your tracks.

  • Successfully maneuvering through a transition requires nimbleness and openness to possibilities. Fear elicits the opposite in anticipation of some threatening outcome.

  • Consciously thinking about what you desire is an effective alternative to the scenarios that typically make you want to pull the blanket over your head.

  • I’m not suggesting that you just “think happy thoughts”, but rather, that you become clear about the intention and desired outcome(s) for your transition.

While you cannot control all aspects of any change, you can control your thinking and your response to your transition. In so doing, you will shift your attention from what you don’t want to occur to more appealing prospects. With this shift to a more trusting mindset, you should feel calmer and more able to move forward and complete the tasks that will make you successful.

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." - Goethe